Electrical Accidents Statistics


Did you know that your insurance may be invalid if you have not carried out pat testing?

Hear are some statistics for you to have a think about:

  • Electrical accidents cause over 350.000 serious injuries every year(Source: Electrical Safety Council)
  • Each year around 1000 accidents at work involving elecric shock or burnes are reported to the Health and Safety Executice (HSE)
  • Around 30 of these are fatal.
  • In 2011/12, faulty applainces and leads were the cause of 4,000 accidental fires in commercial, business and public buildings (Source:UK Fire Statistics)
  • In 2011/12, faulty applainces and leads were the cause of 24% of all such fires in non-residential buildings (Source:UK Fire Statistics)
  • 80% of faulty electrical products are never returned
  • The number of unsafe consumer products identified by the EU’s RAPEX notification system rose by 24.5% in 2012 on 2011
  • 1000 listings including illigal plugs removed from ebay
  • £15.7m value of counterfeit and potentially dangerous electrical goods seized from 2009-2013

Periodic in-service testing of electrical equipment prevents injuries, saves life’s and avoids workplace fires. Don’t  Delay, call capital pat services on 033 33 44 11 01 for your free no obligation quote.